Talebi Machine Company, a manufacturer of machines

About company

Talebi Machine as the most valid and popular brand proposed in the jewelry industry prides itself that serve country jewelry guild. Brand means credit and famousness. Birth of a valid brand in the jewelry industry of country is a blessed event that in addition to supporting all sections of jewelry industry completely can provides necessary infrastructures for development of this industry. Today, brand has been proposed as the key element of economy and becomes more important each day.


A main reason of this reputation is as below:

·        Cooperating all jewelry family in order to cooperate brand

·        Strategic and targeted programming based on quality policy and step by step programming

·        Adoption of” excellent after sales services”  claim and effort all sections to realize it

·        ۱۰۰% loyalty to obligations and observing ethics in all work relationships

·        Reengineering of company processes by the 100% customer-orientation approach

·        Truly Identification of company’s  abilities and achievements

·        Comprehensive quality management and attending all processes

And all of these caused us to consider this claim” along with you in peak” in our works. Now, Talebi machine is a unique and incomparable in the area of designing and manufacturing CNC equipments and is ready to share the country jewelry industry in the future successes.

This is the inter-organizational claim of Talebi Machine:

”If someone wants to do a work, he/she finds the way. ”If someone does not want to do a work, he/she finds the excuse ”

History and glories

By the help of GOD, Talebi Machine was identified officially to the jewelry industry in 2003. , Talebi Machine team by continuous and targeted effort has been proposed as an outrider brand in designing, manufacturing and optimizing machineries of the jewelry industry.

Obtaining the standard certification ISO9001:2000 in 2007 and international certifications: ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2005, ISO9001:2008 and European quality certificate in 2009. High speed progress of Talebi Machin is toward purposes.

History of the company


ISO certifications